<h1>Welcome to Rancho de los Proyectos</h1>

This web site is still under construction. Many of the links don't go anywhere yet. Check back soon for updates, or email with questions.

We are a small family farm in the Inland Empire of California (northern Riverside County). We picked the name (it means Ranch of Projects) because we like to do a lot of homesteading and modern homesteading activities, and are always starting new projects.There are four of us, Erik, Becky, Darwin and Gabrieila. We are a homeschooling family that takes great joy in both learning and teaching. Our farm is not certified organic because we are so small, but we do take great care of our soil and environment and adhere to most organic pricnipals. We are scientists, artists, gymnasts, writers, educators, friends, small business owners, members of our community, members of the global community. We are passionate about food, among other things.

Some of our Projects

  • Micro-CSA. Not sure what a CSA is? See Local Harvest. Live in the area and interested in joining? email family@ranchoproyectos.us.
  • Canning and preserving. Interested in seeing some of my favorite recipes, books and pictures?
  • Chickens. We keep a flock of layers and occasionally raise a few meat birds too.
  • Tea garden. We make very small batches of herbal teas for drinking, baths and steams.
  • Olive press. We're working with a neighbor to develop a method for pressing very small batches of the olives that grow in the neighborhood, to make olive oil.
  • Body care products. We are making soap, shampoo, hair rinse, lotions, sugar and salt scrubs, and other body care products. If you live in the area and would like to help test product for marketability, email family@ranchoproyectos.us.
  • Fiber arts. We have grown cotton, and regularly spin, knit, crochet and dye wool. We hope to get sheep and silk worms in the near future, and maybe an angora rabbit. We grow some of the dye materials, but also use purchased natural dyes and commercial dyes. Click here to see pictures. If you live in the area and are interested in knitting or crocheting classes (or glass etching or painting, or soapcraft) email family@ranchoproyectos.us.
  • Baking. When our schedules permit, we make our own bread, pizza dough, cakes, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, pies, scones. We are interested in healthy food, and utilize a variety of alternate, natural sweeteners, whole grains, and homegrown or locally grown ingredients.
  • Cheesemaking. Ok, we are no where near proficient at this one. But it is fun to experiment a little bit. Frustrating because we don't have a good source of local milk, and it seems silly to ship all the water in milk to then make it into cheese, but maybe some day we'll have a mini dairy cow.
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